Management SES

Sarvajanik Education Society functions in a fully democratic manner according to the guidelines set by the founder members, the government, university, All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and Council of Architecture (COA). The organizational structure of the SES constitutes of various committees for efficient functioning of all the institutions under its umbrella. These committees are democratically elected by the members of SES through a general election procedure.
The Managing Committee elects a Chairman and 2 Vice Chairmen. Further it constitutes of the following members;
  • 25 elected members.
  • 5 nominated members who have contributed in the field of education.
  • Principals of all schools & colleges.
  • 3 Retired volunteers of the society.
  • Donor’s representatives.
The Executive Committee looks after the routine functioning of the society as per the policy laid down by the Managing Committee; the Executive Committee consists of;
  • The Chairman
  • 2 Vice Chairmen
  • 5 members elected by the Managing Committee.
  • Member from the nominated members category.
  • Principals of all schools & colleges
  • Shri Bharat V. shah - Chairman
  • Shri Ashish I. Vakil
  • Dr. Kishor R. Desai
  • Shri Chaitanya Y. Bhatt - Chairman’s Representative
  • Shri Rajesh S. Desai
  • Shri Rameshchandra G. Shah
  • Shri Amit D. Gajjar
  • Shri Devendra M. Rangrej
  • Shri Prikshit M.Talati
  • Shri Rajan P. Shah
  • Shri Meeta R. Shah

  • Shri Mukesh Variyava (Invitee)
  • Shri Veljibhai Sheta (Invitee)
  • Shri Kishorbhai Hathiwala (Invitee)
  • Shri Bankim Dave (Invitee)
  • Shri Sunil N. Patel (Invitee)
  • Prof. Bhavna Vimawala – I/C Principal & Member Secretary
  • Prof. Hiren H. Patel – Chairman’s Representative & Principal- SCET College
  • Representative of Teaching Staff
  • Representative of Non-Teaching Staff